Hopscotch Types Of Care

We have a care program to suit you



(10 to 12 months)

There is a high ratio (1:3) of staff to babies which gives the staff time to provide a personal level of attention that your child demands at this stage.

Staff will continue with the routine you have in place at home so please inform our staff of all your child’s particular requirements.

We keep daily records of your child’s time in our school and if you have any worries please talk to our staff.


(1 to 2 years)

In this room we introduce a limited structure to the day with activities including painting, play dough, music, jigsaws and outdoor activities.

Ample time will also be given for rest and free play throughout the day.


(2 to 3 years)

Toddlers learn from doing, so our activities will aid their development. The routine is now more structured, catering to their individual needs.
At this stage there will be an emphasis on social and emotional development. There is lots of learning through play.
At this stage we start to introduce in a very relaxed and gentle way Montessori. This year prepares them for the Montessori proper and ultimately primary school..


(3 to 5 years)

The children learn through Montessori in the mornings and more organised activities in the afternoons.

Our schools provide an environment specially adapted to the needs of the child where they can acquire independence of the adult, develop confidence and satisfy their need for work.

Our Montessori curriculum covers Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Natural sciences. The children are also exposed to art, craft, movement and music, songs and poetry.

Progress files are kept for all children which can be shared at any time with parents and at yearly parent-teacher meetings.


(5 to 12 years)

Our schools also provide afterschool services for children when they have finished their day at primary school.

Activities include Arts & Crafts, music games and ‘home work’ time.


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