My First Day

All Hopscotch crèches offer a versatile package of services to suit your child’s needs including Full-Time, Part-Time, Sessional and afterschool services.

First Time Children

At Hopscotch we understand the anxiety experienced by parents when bring your child to childcare for the first time. To help overcome this we promote a settling in period for your child. This settling in period will allow your child to become familiar with new surroundings.

Parents can be assured that each child will receive individual attention during this period and parents are free to contact the crèche during this settling time for reassurance and to receive a report on their child’s progress.

We are aware also that many parents are returning to work during this period and should be reassured to go about their day with the comfort that their child is happy and well cared for. If staff feel it is necessary they will ring parents immediately

What to bring

• Change of clothes
• Nappies/Wipes (if applicable)
• Bottles and/or juice cups
• We welcome personal items such as a toy/blanket/pacifier

All personal items should be clearly labelled

Health Eating Policy

All our centres promote healthy eating for the children. We ask parents to help us to promote this policy. Please ask staff if you need help with this.

Our Staff

All staff are trained in First Aid, Manual handling, Child Protection and all have a recognised qualification in childcare.


There is always a doctor on call and all accidents are documented and reported to parents

Written instructions are required from parents to allow Hopscotch staff to administer medication to your child.

After School Service

Hopscotch operate a supervised school drop off and collection service, which takes some of the stress out of the working parent’s day. We will also help with your child’s home work if requested.